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Established in 2013, ESQ Course, a business unit of ESQ Group, is a provider of language training services. It has become ETS Partner Associates EEC for conducting English Proficiency certified tests: TOEFL ITP®, TOEFL iBT®, and TOEIC®.

By providing excellent programs, ESQ Course commits to help you to be able to professionally communicate, collaborate, and develop. To reach the set goal of learning languages, ESQ Course customizes the learning material based on the analysis result of your need and goal.

To be a leading Language Learning Centre for empowering society towards golden civilization, ESQ Course assuring you that it has a deep understanding of different needs of language development.

Say Hello to ESQ Course Team

Herewith the best team member of ESQ Course from various background who will assist you to find your language solution.

Ary Ginanjar Agustian | ESQ Course

Ary Ginanjar Agustian


Ary Ginanjar Agustian (CEO ESQ Group) - Founder ESQ



Dyah Utami Aryanti (CEO) - Having more than two-decade experience in English language field. Obtained Master Degree of TESOL and big dream of realizing a golden civilization leads Intan to a bigger vision for developing people’s English competence by establishing ESQ English Course. Understanding that each person has different goal of learning, with customized programs offered does Intan expect ESQ English Course assist people to achieve their learning goal.

Mey damayanti

Academic Coordinator

Mey (Academic Coordinator) - Achieving Master Degree in Linguistics and experiencing in English language teaching, Mey has more high professional interests in Teaching English as A Foreign Language, Curriculum and Material Development. This results in her success to design tailor-made modules for projects by ESQ English Course. Understanding that every learning process has different expected result as every learner has different goal, through designing customized modules does Mey ensure that the language learning materials be in line with the goal to achive after joining the course.


Language Consultant

Cahyo (Language Consultant) - With great experience of market analysis and English language teaching, Cahyo has ability to perceive both individual and corporate basic needs of language learning. Consequently, Cahyo has successfully built cooperation with some corporations and institutions, both in private and in public sectors. Understanding people’s learning goal through deep need analysis process, Cahyo ensures clients the right program to choose for achieving their goals.


Administration Officer

Tri (Administration Officer) - With great communication skills and personal approach, Tri is one of EEC team members who successfully delivers excellent services for anyone requiring further information before and after the course. Mastering product knowledge of ESQ English Course, Tri is able to provide detailed program information and to affirm that clients choose the proper program, the one which is in line with their goal.


Language Consultant

Yogi (Language Consultant) - Supported by his good communication skills, Yogi is one of EEC team members with an outstanding experience of approaching clients both directly and indirectly. Having deep understanding of people’s need to improve their language skills, Yogihas successfully made networking with some government institutions and private companies. Knowing different goal of every person, Yogi is able to provide detailed program information to ensure the proper program for clients resulting in achieved goal.

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