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Certified tests are highly required for scholarship application, job application, and job promotion. They are necessary for proofing your language proficiency; you have achieved a certain level required for being able to communicate effectively using English as a foreign language. In accordance, as ETS Partner Associates ESQ Course regularly conducts TOEFL ITP®, TOEIC®, IELTS and prediction test of TOEFL, TOEIC, and IELTS in Menara 165. Besides, the test can be held in your company with minimum 20 participants.

ESQ Course GROW Methode

We can see that you need to be a person who possesses good language proficiency. In accordance, ESQ Course offers the best solution to improve your language proficiency through GROW System, that is:

Goal Setting

ESQ Course believes that people will reach their expected goal of joining a learning program if they truly know their needs. Therefore, ESQ Course invites you to set your goal of improving language language proficiency. A need analysis process will be conducted for designing module, arranging schedule, and deciding the appropriate learning-teaching method.

Reality Check

The language proficiency of participants is initially checked to decide the starting point of the learning process. The level of proficiency is classified based on the following score range through a sequence of pre-test called LCA (language Capacity Assessment).

Options Choosen

ESQ Course gives options of programs which can be taken referring to the needs of yours.

Way Evaluated

Evaluation is conducted to measure the development of language proficiency of the participants. For this reason, appropriate assessment based on the program followed is done both in the middle and at the end of the program. Besides, the evaluation is also based on the engagement of the participants during the class activities of each session.

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